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    6 Easy Ways To Get Ready For The holidays!

    And here come the Holidays - usually a more optimistic time of year and yet so stressful!  Regardless if you’re hosting or not, there still seems a lot to do.  Even delegating takes time and precision.  Here are 6 easy ways, I’ve found, to make life easier as you prepare for the holidays.


    1. Make a List or Lists

    Whenever I am faced with enough tasks to scramble my memory I make a list.  I love the Notes app on my phone.  If I wake up in the middle of the night with monkey mind, I just write it on my phone.  Then try to fall back asleep.  There’s nothing more gratifying than crossing off your accomplishments!

    1. Start Baking or Wrapping

    I have a time honored pie crust recipe that makes 4 pies top & bottom and you can freeze the dough.  Of course you could always buy your pies to save time but there is nothing better than homemade crust!  Home baking is a lost art and much healthier. 

    If you’re into hand wrapping and you’ve started shopping, better get to it!  Personally, I’m a gift bag girl.  I so appreciate it when people don’t write directly on the bags so I can ‘repurpose’ them next year.

    1. Email your Holiday Cards & Pre-schedule

    I use .  It saves emails and important info so you don’t have to retype each season.  When I have a free moment I can pre-schedule all my cards to family & friends far away.  I gave up on the postal service years ago, saving a fortune on stamps.  Cards cost almost as much as small gifts too.

    Remember to keep the message short.  No one wants to spend five minutes watching snow fall and presents unwrapping themselves.  Just a short greeting with your names is enough to say I care.

    1. Clean Out the Attic

    When you send your husband up in the attic to retrieve the holiday stuff, have him take a look around.  You never know what you might uncover - from the previous homeowners, even.  We found a bunch of unused storage containers I can use for my Staging.  I told him he was holding out on me.  Who knew?

    1. De-clutter

    On that note, it’s also a good time to get rid of things you no longer need.  How about that Nativity Scene that’s been handed down for generations?  You know the one with 2 out of 3 Wise Men and the 3 legged camel?  Donating over the holidays is very good Karma.  It makes room for all your pretty new holiday decorations too. 

    1. Shop On-Line

    This is a no brainer.  I do feel like I sell a piece of my soul every time I order from China on Amazon.  However, you just can’t beat the convenience of shopping in bed. Sometimes it’s delivered the same day even!  If you’re gifting faraway it’s less expensive to have them deliver it. And their return policy is great too.  Not super sentimental yet more personal than a gift card.


    These are just a few of my ideas for making the holidays easier.  Of course there’s always alcohol to relieve stress.  Feel free to share any of your bright ideas or expand upon mine.  I am always open to creative inspiration and easy recipes. Happy Holidays!!

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