So what is Styling in the 2020’s?  Where are Interior Design Trends going in this new decade?  Two new Styles, gaining a lot of traction are Cottage Core and Granny Chic .  What’s the difference you ask?  At first I was confused too.  “Aren’t they the same thing?”  In essence yes, everything Granny is super hot right now.  However, upon further research I’ve come to conclude they are two very different styles ~ sisters maybe but not twins.  Again, everything in Art, Design & Fashion is subjective so feel free to comment below on your take.  One could say they’re just a new twist on old Trends.

    Cottage Core speaks to me of recycled Shabby Chic sans the fuss and frills.  With technology at the forefront of everyday life, this trend harkens back to nature and “simpler times”- think Grandma 100 years ago.  Crafting, quilting, and needle point are part of the overall aesthetic, as are wicker baskets, wood furniture and accessories, fresh flowers – you get the feel.  The lifestyle embodies leaving behind electronics, creating your own garden, baking your own bread, and learning to live by one’s own means  Good luck with that!  I don’t even know anybody my age who can live without their cell phone for more than a day.  I can get down with the look, which I have done inadvertently in my beach room, yet camping was never my thing.  (As mentioned in my last blog, sometimes I’m on trend without even knowing).  If you want to channel your inner Amish, give this a try.  Or just raid Granny’s attic, basement or garage before scoping out Home Goods. 

    Here’s a cool link I came across that really speaks to this trend.     https://www.salon.com/2021/03/18/all-about-pie-birds-the-whimsical-victorian-era-baking-tool_partner/ 

    Hot Granny tip! ~ From my Great Grandma Ruth ~ when rolling out your pastry it should be thin enough to read a newspaper through.  Move over Marie Callendar.  Our family pie crust recipe goes back at least 4 generations.    


    Now for my take on Granny Chic, often referred to as Grand Millennial, which ideally should be named Grand Boomer!  This Style could be described as Modern Farmhouse meets acid rock.  Your younger, hipper Granny, she’s also down with nature – think Woodstock and naked hippies frolicking in the mud.  This Grandma’s been making her own organic spaghetti sauce for years and she’s taken Vintage to a whole other level!!  Good bye wood tones and hello color!  Or maybe she mixes the two in a way only she can pull off.  Where Cottage Core leans into minimalism, Granny Chic embraces maximalism from lavish wall treatments to bright homemade bed spreads, and wonderful antiques.  A great embodiment of this look and overall lifestyle is Jo Wood, Britsh celebrity and ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ron Wood, also formerly of the Faces (2 of my favorite bands)!  They may have even named this style after her??  I really enjoy following her on IG @jowoodofficial.

    Both these respective Trends represent a nostalgic appreciation of different times past.  They work especially well if you’re young and poor, yet ironically look better when curated over time.  As with fashion it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to source and put together vintage looks. 

    I love the homey feel of family photos ~ curated correctly ~ and unique pieces, not found in stores, mixed in with modern elements.  I notice even when I purchase new items I lean towards retro designs.  I'm grateful to have accumulated many treasures throughout the years, inheriting quilts and such from my own Grandmothers and my Mom.  (My maternal Grandmother is 103!  She resides in a nursing home on Vancouver Island.)  Living in Las Vegas I am especially partial to the Rat Pack era! 

    Have you embraced either Cottage Core or Granny Chic, possibly by accident?  Do your children or grandchildren love these styles?  I believe vintage looks will always be on Trend in one style or another.  I found a few items for a client that I call Granny Glam.  See above.  (I profit from sales).  Blend these in with some great antiques and vintage finds and you can put together your own special Granny Style! 

    Do you need to Stage a historic home ~ for sale or a small event~ and want to honor it's origins?  Let's talk about a Vintage Vegas Stage!  I specialize in Unique properties.  Or reach out if you want to get your 'Granny' on.

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today!  KerryFDecor@gmail.com , 702-882-4518

    I am dedicating this blog to Marge Swazzo who passed while I was writing this.  I am the proud owner of one of her hand knitted afghans!  She was a loving mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, wife and friend.  She will be missed.





    Carla As tin says (Apr 24, 2021):

    Granny chic is certainly a big style right now, that’s for sure!


    Janet says (Apr 24, 2021):

    Well, I learned something new - I haven't ever heard of Cottage Core before! And I love that you have a family piecrust recipe handed down through the generations!


    Carole says (Apr 24, 2021):

    I love Granny Chic decorating and I love your granny’s pie crust tip!


    Mary Ann Benoit says (Apr 24, 2021):

    Really interesting! I had never heard of cottage core before.


    Lisa A Peck says (Apr 25, 2021):

    I appreciate your take on these trends and how you describe them so vividly.

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