A New Year Means Exciting New Design Trends!  What Is The Difference Between Trend and Fad?

    2023 spells new design trends.  Let’s start by comparing trends vs fads. 

    What is the difference?  Basically shelf life.  An Interior design fad lasts about 2 years while trends tend to arc in a 7 year cycle.  In my humble opinion it’s what sets apart professional design and D.I.Y.  Designers know what’s emerging with their private access ‘to the trade’ and shows like Las Vegas Market.  A good Designer will have their pulse on what is about to break-out with exclusive access to it.  When you start seeing a popular trend on social media and TV it’s hitting its peak.  (Take notice when you watch those design shows.  A lot of times the air date will be several years old when a trend was hot.)  By the time it’s available everywhere you know it’s near its end.  That’s not to say it’s losing all popularity.  It’s just kind of played out.  You’ll also see it morph into new design trends. 

    This is sort of true with gray.  I was doing it 10 years ago, yet it is still well-liked.  Designers have been trying to move on from gray although client demand can’t be ignored.  You’ll see paint companies and design studios moving into grey-blues and greens, like Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2022, Evergreen Fog.  Their color of the year for 2023 is Redend Point.  It’s yet another shade of blush which seems more trend than fad since it’s been around for awhile.

    Warm colors and neutral palettes are huge in the 2020s, along with natural materials.  Green continues in popularity, along with cool toned blues.  Burnt orange and terracotta hues – perfect for desert décor – were all over Summer Market.  Fad or Trend?  We’ll have to wait and see.

    Sometimes fads surprise us and become trends.  When brass hardware resurfaced in the last decade it was thought to be a short term comeback.  Like gray, it’s not going away.  This brand new brass pairs really well with muted paint colors and different wood tones emerging as a solid trend.  Other popular elements that could become trends or fads:  Curvy furniture and arches * lots of wicker and rattan * big bold patterns *moody, darker spaces - always a winner for bedrooms. 

    A huge trend which lasted the better part of a decade was Modern Farmhouse.  I think it’s safe to say that shiplap and subway tile have had their day.  You can buy ‘barn’ doors anywhere.  You’re seeing M.F. transition into post pandemic trends that call for calm and wellness – a big watch word in design right now.  Think big comfy sofas, textured throws and creature comforts that speak of home, safety, and familiarity.




    So what is our take away?  Fads can be good or bad, moderation is key.  Bend into trends.  BUT ONLY IF they speak to you!!  Don’t do something because everyone else is.  Mix trends with classic elements so you can fall in love with your space over and over again.  I believe good Interior Design never really goes out of style.  Especially if it reflects your personal taste! 

    So what are you looking forward to this new year?  Growing tired of?  Excited to try?  I suggest consulting with a professional Interior Designer, like yours truly, so you can avoid regret and get ahead of the next big thing!

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today ~ KerryFDecor@gmail.com, 702-882-4518

    Credits: My Domaine, Home Staging Resource


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