What Are Summer Market’s Hot Trends For 2022? And How To Implement Them!






    Last week was Summer Market at Las Vegas Design Center, considered by many to be in the top 5 of National Interior Design Expos.  I attended with my girl friend Carisa whose family has a long history in the furniture business.  (You might recall her kitchen reno we did last Spring. https://www.kerryfdecor.com/SCOOP/carisa-s-kitchen)  We came, we saw, we shopped, we ate, we drank and then caught a ride home!  Here are some of our take-aways on the hottest trends at Summer Market:

    Top COLOR Trends:

    • TERRACOTTA!! In every shade from Burnt Orange/almost Brown to Peachy Blushes
    • DARK WALLS – In Matte Black, Dark Blues that were almost Black, or Rich Navy
    • NEUTRALS  - Less Gray, more Off-White, Beige, Black, Gold and Silver
    • NATURAL ELEMENTS – Especially Rattan and an interesting use of Crystals and Natural Stone  (Yosemite Home Decor)















    In this blog we’ll suggest a few examples of how to infuse these trends into your everyday decor, providing Do’s and Don’ts when capitalizing on hot trends. 

    At Winter Market we saw a lot of gray blues in different tones.  This season terracotta was everywhere, holding its own in all sorts of shades as mentioned above.  We didn’t particularly care for it alone with off-white.  However, it paired well with sea blues, greens, browns, a punch of black and even gray.  We saw some nice combos of terracotta, whites and blues at KARASTAN Rugs in their collections made from recycled water bottles (Everstrand) and corn fiber (Smartstrand).



    - Use it only if it speaks to you

    - Livens up your current space

    - Bring into play in small doses like accent pieces. 


    -  Go crazy – at most use it on a feature wall.

    Speaking of feature walls...In the majority of showrooms they had at least one wall that was either matte black (a personal fave of mine) or almost black in a cool, often teal based blue.  At my new favorite vendor PALECEK they used it as a back drop for their most unique rattan chandeliers, mirrors and light colored furnishings.  Our main question was how do you clean all this rattan?  Easy answer, use an air can sprayer!  Not only is this family owned company super friendly, they are also knowledgeable about every aspect of their product. 





    - Try a dark shade on a feature wall with natural stone, like next to a fireplace

    - Contrast with light colors and natural materials 


    - Paint a ceiling with these shades unless it’s unusually high - think loft


    Natural materials and Earth Tones reigned supreme.  For years I have been attributing this to the political division that plagues our country.  It seems like Interior Design wants to be “neutral Switzerland”.  ALDER & TWEED and DOVETAIL had nice selections of natural colors and popped them with grays, whites, a hint of green, and you guessed it – terracotta!  They were also handing out these fabulous boho tote bags – what’s not to LOVE?!  NORWALK and UTTERMOST were utterly disappointing.  Even my beloved GLOBAL VIEWS has dialed back on their many colors but thankfully still have pops of orange and turquoise among others, along with the glam that defines the brand. Their STUDIO A HOME was amped up with more metallic pieces too – much more exciting!   ZUO Modern can always be counted on for fun colorful finds while UMA and A&B Home really mix it up.


    - Use natural hues for large furniture pieces likes sofas, cabinets etc

    - Vary different shades and textures when going with a mostly neutral palette

    - For added drama use a touch of black and gold (or other metals) for glamour


    - Be afraid to add pops of color in the shades you love – If it speaks to you it will never be out of style! 

    - Forget to add lots of plants and greenery such as indoor vegetable gardens (another hot trend)

    Whether you’re Staging to Sell or Styling to Stay, it’s important to know the latest trends.  A good Designer will keep you ahead of the styles so by the time everyone else is doing it you are the ‘trend setter’!  All that said, only embrace something new if it resonates with you and always try it in moderation.  Look around your space.  You may already have implemented a go-to look without even realizing it!  And of course, if you’re just not sure, I am only a Consult away!

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today!


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