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Are you Staging to Sell? OR Styling to Stay?

 Staging & Styling dated houses and new builds to look like model homes!!

Staging and Styling are 2 areas I love and have much experience in.  I am an N.Y.I.A.D. Interior Design graduate (New York Institute of Art & Design) with an Award of Merit for Outstanding Excellence in Presentation.  I am also an H.S.R. Certified Home Stager (Home Staging Resource) and I hold Certifications in Feng Shui, Interior Design & Styling, and Event Design.

My background is in the Psychic Arts and Entertainment industries.  I sold Real Estate in NJ however I prefer the creative side of the industry, partially because I am a natural Empath.  This allows me to visualize things that others just don’t see.  My imagination knows no boundaries!  I am an accomplished Astrologer, having studied and served with the Astrological Society of Princeton.  Being a little different from everyone else I usually do things a little differently than everyone else, letting my intuition guide my Design.  Kerry F.

My goal as a Designer is to challenge my clients to go beyond their comfort zone while honoring their own personal tastes.  My unique Design aesthetic is a casual and contemporary mix of the following:Beachy/Coastal and Mid Century with a special nod to the Rat Pack era - very Vegas!  Presently I’m enamored with Art Déco which perfectly fits my Boho/Eclectic/Global vibe I like to bring to my designs as well.  I dig urban/industrial touches in matte black.  And I love to incorporate natural elements with my décor, especially plants, both real and fake.   I welcome all opportunities to renew, reuse or repurpose anything if it fits within the design plan.  Sometimes you can create new looks just by moving things around to different areas of the house! My Designs favor light, white & bright spaces with clean lines and a medium amount of negative space.  At the same time I think moody, dark master bedrooms are more intimate and sexy.  They’re usually only used for two things & personally, I don’t need a lot of light for either!!  I like feature walls, strong pops of color and bold accents in moderation.  My style is Livable Luxury from Rustic Glam to Hollywood Glam, with a preference for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.  I can do cozy, intimate and organic spaces too.  My goal is to bring it all together in a way that is always innovative, inviting and inspirational.      Kerry F.

Tuscan trauma?  Mid Century-NOT modern?  Bad plaid?  Feeling down with all that brown?  Ready for a much needed transformation and not sure where to begin? Allow me to assist:  Are you the proud Owner of a ‘unique’ or dated home you’re getting ready to put on the Market - Staging to Sell? OR do you want a brand new house without having to move - Styling to Stay? Are you a Buyer struggling to land a new home in this competitive market?  Why not purchase an older home in an established neighborhood and use the savings to create your dream home!?1Are you a Builder, Investor or House Flipper and need assistance implementing great Design ideas?  Let’s combine forces!!

Kerry F. Décor is a boutique Design and Staging firm, offering professional Design services and guidance, to make sure you get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when remodeling a home.  Please know money spent on home improvements is not an expense but an investment.  Spending wisely on renovations will increase your home’s equity if you do it right with expert support and direction.At Kerry F. Decor we go 'all out' transforming Spaces. 

Let Kerry F. Decor help you navigate the complex waters of remodeling.  With our Design and Remodeling experience, combined with ourexpertise in Staging, we can help you create the perfect environment that addresses your wish list and fits within your budget.   We're experts in the hgh/low game – knowing where to spend, how to save, and acheive the best WOW factor!  Even if you are a DIY Diva, allow us to offer you some suggestions or ideas you may not have thought of. ?? True design is a masterful blend of the old and the new.  We pride ourselves on original looks that favor our client’s personal style.  Let’s start with a complimentary phone call and see if we’re a good fit for each other.  Then we can proceed with an in person or virtual Consultation where we’ll discuss your needs verses wants, and we can give you some great design ideas!  Are you Staging to Sell?  Or Styling to Stay?    

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